Importance of HEPA Filtration

Safely capture dangerous dust on the job
…so you can breathe easy.

Using a vacuum cleaner with proper filtration is one of the easiest ways to prevent the health hazards associated with lead, silica and other dangerous dust. Traditional garage vacuums are just not equipped to prevent dust from escaping out the exhaust vent, which means that hazardous particles just keep getting recirculated back into the air that workers breathe. There are two main components that ensure proper filtration:

  • DOP-Tested HEPA Filters: Nilfisk HEPA exhaust filters capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns*, providing optimum protection from inhaled particles. A DOP-test certificate ensures the filters meet the standard as advertised.
  • Filter Cleaning Options:  External filter cleaning options like Nilfisk’s Push&Clean and InfiniClean reduce downtime, extend filter life and prevent exposure to toxic dust and debris.

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* HEPA filter efficiency may vary depending on model.

Breath Easy with HEPA Filtration